June 11, 2009

Why these Bonds

Every day, I long to fly with the birds, but restrained by these bonds to earth. I long for the freedom to feel weightless, to soar through the clouds. The dreams at night seam so real, but yet so far, and blocked by steel. Each day the burden grows stronger, I want to fly with all my heart. One long night I cannot sleep, the owl in the night sky makes me want to fly all the more. The sky is the limit but yet no more, for me the earth by my limit. All the more I yearn for the sky just to be vanquished on the brink of success. My will is pure that matters not for defeat is stronger by the end. The sky calls and the stars beckon yet all I can do is refuse their wishes. Many a man has failed in his attempt to fly yet all succumb to the same fate, but not for me. I shall fly, that by my fate, I shall succeed for this is my future. The day will come, for that I’m certain.
This is my fate, I see the curtain.

By The Unknown Seeker

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