June 14, 2009

My Unknown Face

My face is unknown; no one's seen it before. My face is now famous; it's made me a celeb. I am shy, I hide from you, my face does not change that. I'm afraid of you too. They call me a crook, they call me a thief, I’m just afraid you’ll call me a beast. At school I was teased, at school they were mean, they called me a dog, they laughed behind my back. I heard them all the same; they said I was a freak, just because my teeth are as big as their feet. They said “go back to the pack,” I would say “just get off my back!” They all called me names, my friends joined in; even the teachers just stood there and grinned. I am hurt, in more ways than one; all I want is to run. I go for a run, some kids see me going, they think it will be funny, they call up the pound. Along comes a man, in a large truck. He pulls out a net, I start to turn, and then I notice there’s meat in the net. My instincts take over, I go for the meat. My brain is searing, thinking I better dash, I better scram. The man is sneering, saying “stupid dog, its poisoned meat!” That’s when I gained control, I ducked low and dived past the net and bit that guy between the legs! “Ouch” he yelled, “stupid dog.” Then I said “heard of soap?” Startled he ran down the street, leaving behind his van. I’ve grown up since then in disgrace, never showing my face to the human race. People see me in the shadows my back to them. They come too close most the time, so I flee, this all they know of me.


  1. You are so good at creative writing i really liked the one on woodmonstas that you wrote but this one is so cool!

  2. wow! cool story! you are sooo good at creative writing!