July 23, 2009

My Future Goal

My future goal when I'm is to play for the Black Sticks and I am already training towards that goal. I am currently in the top team for my age group which is huge for me. My dad has also played hockey for New Zealand so I know what it takes. My family is very supportive which makes me want to take my goals to the next level. We know how much the tournaments can cost and are willing to do what it takes. Being a hockey player isn't a large task so I can still study for university to be a dentist so after my hockey carrier I will still have a steady income. This way if I don't make it as a hockey player I would have a steady income.


  1. Cool! Good luck! I hope you reach your goal!

  2. I agree. Your goal is admirable and your backup plan is sensible. Hockey players need to have a job as well as sport in NZ.