February 15, 2009

The Land Shark

The land shark is a ferocious amphibious creature. It's a nocturnal animal that sleeps all day in ponds, rivers and lakes. They live in groups of 5 to 10, the reason for this is so they can bring down larger prey.They hunt deer, fish and the occasional human. Hunting at night gives them the needed advantage against these larger animals.It is 50cm tall and 1 metre long. The land shark lives in the Amazon Rain Forest.So if you're in the Amazon think again before going for a midnight walk.


  1. Ur woodmonsta is cool as. On ur profile you put your industry as fashion???? and u put Hamiltond ;)

  2. thanks other boy, i put fashion in on purpose.

  3. y do u have 2 clusta maps LOL.....